Top Ten Best CBD Massage Oils

A relaxing massage for the body always feels great; now a combination of a good massage with body oil infused with CBD and THC cannabinoids is something rather satisfying. Buying CBD body oil can be a daunting task considering the amount of opinions that exist about them.

CBD is currently being mixed with a variety of other ingredients and used in skin care products. Now we can find beauty products made from hemp anywhere from oils to mascara. Whether you are looking for Asheville CBD Oil or an organic product made in the Swiss Alps – The options are endless. 

What is a CBD Oil Massage? 

We can benefit from CBD massage oil for its medicinal properties without the need to suffer all the side and negative effects that cannabis smoking can provide us, since CBD can be purchased in different formats such as creams, ointments, liquid, chewable tablets or vapers, according to consumer preferences and the purpose of consumption. The most sold and used format by consumers is hemp body oil.

cannabis infused massage oil contains one of the 60 cannabinoids that are extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. This cannabidiol is the most prominent when it comes to non-psychotropic cannabinoid compounds due to its many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antipsychotic qualities.

Hemp massage oil is legal and can be sold in supermarkets, although hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis sativa plant, marijuana contains THC, which is the psychotropic substance that causes us to have that high when we smoke marijuana. Hemp has no THC but CBD and has usually been cultivated to obtain fiber for clothes, paper, biofuels and food, contains less than 0.3% THC, therefore it is not psychoactive and is legal.

How does CBD Massage Oil work? 

In order to explain how CBD oil for massage works, it is necessary to mention that despite the different researches that have been conducted on CBD, it remains a rather shaky topic.

The extractions of CBD body oil have different uses and therapeutic applications, highlighting the use in patients with anxiety, since it is demonstrated that the application of CBD has antidepressant and anxiolytic effects in different neurological disorders.

Types and differences of CBD Massage Oil

Many people who use CBD hemp oil wonder which CBD massage oil is best for pain. The truth to this is that there is only one type of CBD infused oil. This does not mean that you cannot find it in different variations of CBD massage products. Although there is only one type of CBD hemp oil, there are many concentrations ranging from 1% up to as much as 50%. It is to note that the higher the concentration of CBD in the oil, the lower the amount of terpenes in it. Terpenoids and other compounds are found in hemp oils with lower concentrations. This means that the lower the concentration of CBD in hemp oil, the larger the proportion of additional compounds that have the effect of aiding with pain management or muscle relaxation.

For pain management, there is a CBD massage lotion that contains hemp root extract that aids in relieving muscle aches when undergoing hemp oil massage. For people already using hemp oils that are administered orally we recommend using both CBD or tinctures and ointment with hemp root extract to complement the painkilling effect.

Even though Hemp Oil has a high content in CBD, it can also be made to contain other compounds. It can also incorporate other cannabinoids such as CBG or cannabigerol and CBC or cannabichromene. More and more professional massage therapists use hemp oil for massage for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic power. In addition to pain relief, it produces an exceptional state of relaxation. It is used to treat joint pain experienced after sports and relieves muscle stress.

How to use CBD Massage Oil 

If you’re wondering how much rubbing oils you need to use for pain, you shouldn’t worry because you are not alone. As far as we know, there is no set amount, especially when it comes to managing chronic pain.

Because it has been given the status of being a nutritional supplement, there is no stipulated dose. We do however recommend that you start with six to eight drops up to three times a day. In a couple of weeks you can then increase the dose to ten or twelve drops.

There are many variations when it comes to concentrations of CBD massage oil for pain, so the doses will always vary. As a general guide for the doses of cannabidiol oil, the higher the concentration, the lower the dose. This means that if you have drops of CBD hemp oil with a high concentration, you will have to take a lesser number of drops than you would with cannabis oil of a lower percentage. Information on such doses can also be found when you go into a store like CBD oil Asheville NC. Professional employees can give more details and explain exactly which are suitable and where to use them. 

You can apply it to uncomfortable body parts and then make an oil massage on the skin. It will improve your sleep, get rid of fatigue and moisturize the skin.

HEMP lotion FOR PAIN RELIEF gives you a natural way to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, backaches, leg pains and more.

As previously mentioned, it also provides anxiety and stress relief, and promotes better sleep patterns.

The problem is that hemp oil stains a lot; it is not like almond oil that is absorbed very quickly by the body. Once the body has absorbed enough, the remains must be removed with a towel. 

Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

There are many people that are suffering from chronic diseases that use it for an improvement in their quality of life. Many can attest to having experienced CBD massage oil benefits. Cancer patients for example apply CBD oil to alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapies such as nausea and to reduce the migration of cancer cells. Since different studies and investigations have concluded that CBD stops metastasis, we still cannot conclude that it cures cancer. We do however note that it does relieve pain and its use is beneficial for alleviating side effects caused by conventional cancer therapies.

A Massage with CBD oil is excellent for skin and hair care. It acts by deeply moisturizing and reducing the dryness of sensitive and atopic skin. It also strengthens the hair avoiding breakage and improves its appearance.

It is extremely beneficial for sensitive or atopic skin. Prevents dryness and the appearance of areas with scales. It also rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks.

CBD mostly applied as an anti-inflammatory measure, its effects on the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis or intestinal inflammations or fibromyalgia are very positive and reduce the level of pain in patients with these pathologies.

The CBD in hemp is capable of helping our internal endocannabinoid systems modulate almost all our body functions. It is the only plant that can speak to the human body in this way, and this is what makes it really special. It provides the perfect balance of the eight essential amino acids. It is also a good source of albumin and edestin protein. It is rich in iron and magnesium, and source of vitamin E, carotene and phytosterols.

Effects of CBD Massage Oil 

Several studies have confirmed that cannabis massage oil effects are numerous and positive such as:

  • CBD is an inhibitor of spasms and movement disorders in degenerative diseases. 
  • anti stress
  • It is an analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • It’s an antioxidant 
  •  It’s antitumor
  • Protects neurons in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Antidepressant
  • Antiepileptic
  •  a pain inhibitor (fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sclerosis)

Besides the internal functions in the body, it also has many positive effects on the skin.

It’s great to know that the skin easily absorbs it for better hydration and nutrition. It is perfect as skin food because it’s rich in nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making it the ideal carrier 

for massages and healing treatments.

It also helps with dry, dehydrated skin as it increases the skin’s elasticity and water retention capabilities.

Hemp oil is a good protection against harmful UV’s and also treats other diseases such as acne and eczema.

Side effects of CBD Massage Oil

Although we state that Hemp oil is safe for the whole family, it must be noted that each person is different, so each person will respond differently to the doses.

It is ideal to start slowly, with a low dose and increase slowly to see which dose is best suited for you.

Do not use it  if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. When going for a massage with CBD oil in Asheville, let them know if you have any health condition and they will treat you accordingly. 

Although it is very rare, some people to report side effects after using hemp oil. These side effects include low blood pressure, dry mouth, slow thinking and lightheadedness.


1. What should I look out for when buying oil?

When searching for CBD massage oil for sale, remember that transparency is extremely important when dealing with suppliers. Make sure that everyone that you purchase from can provide you with documentation relating to the quality of the product. A great destination for buying oil is CBD oil Asheville, where you can get good info in the store, like the uses of Blue Ridge massage oil. 

Also that they implement a high standards in their manufacturing process to ensure that they produce the best CBD massage oil possible. The product should be free of microbiological contamination, residual solvents, heavy metals and pesticides.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make informed decisions about what products you want to buy and if you prefer an online order or going to a CBD massage oil wholesale in your area to locate the right ingredients or places for a CBD oil massage near me.

2. Can oil go bad?

You may want a cannabis oil that did not travel long distances between where it was produced and extracted and bottled, so that there is a lower risk of deterioration or contamination of pure oil. 

3. What CBD oil concentration do I need?

When choosing, it is also important to note that the higher concentration of cannabidiol implies a lower is the percentage of other beneficial compounds such as terpenes and terpenoids. The sellers of high quality hemp oil must have accessible to their customers the results of the tests that determine the compounds and percentages present in the hemp oils they sell.

Once the concentration of the pure oil has been defined, the bottle size will define the milligrams it contains. For example, hemp oil with a 5% concentration in a 5ml bottle will have 250mg of pure CBD oil.

4. How to make CBD massage oil

It can be made using various techniques used for extracting cannabis oil and infusing or mixing it with other essential oils. Methods on how to make your own can be found online. 


Historically, the medical properties of the cannabis plant have been used for a variety of ailments in large parts of the world. 

Today, this range of disease states that cannabis is said to alleviate and cure has expanded even more, although the scientific support for its medical effect is often questioned.

It is important to emphasize that tinctures as well as hemp oils are not medications. They do not cure cancer or epilepsy, or any other condition. Itworks in the endocannabinoid system present in the human body and in that of many other mammals. The endocannabinoid system helps the human body achieve homeostasis (balance) as well as assists the body to self-healing and prevention where required.

We mention again that medical hemp oil is not a substitute for medical treatment and in any case it is important to consult a doctor.

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