CBD Concentrates: All You Need to Know + Buyers Guide for 2020

Nowadays, there is a good choice of wellness products. Some of them are more beneficial because instead of consuming many small doses, people can intake a more concentrated form.

CBD goods are not only used to feel more energetic – people also utilize them to treat a number of serious diseases. Now, when it has become legal, many forms, including CBD concentrates, appeared in the market. Hence, in this review, we are going to look closer at what they are, what benefits and effects they have. Moreover, the information on how to use it as well as on the probable side effects will also be provided.

What is CBD concentrate

Generally, any CBD concentrate is an extract received from the hemp plant, which is rich in cannabidiol. Such products contain 99% of CBD, which obtains advantageous properties for the human body. This non-psychoactive substance helps to manage a variety of medical problems such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and more.

The manufacturers use several extraction methods to receive CBD, for instance, the utilization of solvents (butane, hexane, and ethanol). The best method, though, that implies applying CO2 extraction can be found in the most reliable companies only. Thanks to this approach, they can produce the purest concentrate preserving its best qualities at the same time.

How does CBD concentrate work

Every concentrate contains cannabinoids, which act on the endocannabinoid system within the human body. This system consists of molecules that are pretty similar to the ones of cannabis. They act like neurotransmitters that shut messages through the body so that homeostasis, which is a biological balance, is maintained. The endocannabinoid system obtains two receptors – CB1 and CB2. The well-known cannabinoids CBD and THC act on these receptors.

CB1 is found in the human brain and the peripheral nervous system, uterus, liver, thyroid, etc. In the brain, the receptors play an important role for motor skills, cognition, memory, and pain. CBD2 receptors are mainly found in the immune system that affects pain, and inflammation.

THC is a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant that acts on these receptors, not letting the system release the neurotransmitters. As a result, the normal functioning changes, so people have this “high” feeling. That is why the manufacturers remove this compound from CBD concentrate for sale so that only 0.3 of THC is there.

Cannabidiol acts in the opposite way. On the one hand, it interacts on the CB1 and CB2 receptors changing their shape, which prevents THC from binding to them. On the other hand, it modulates a number of non-cannabinoid receptors, for example, serotonin and vanilloid receptors. Activating the serotonin receptor CBD provides the anti-anxiety effect. When it comes to the vanilloid receptors, it acts on inflammation, pain perception, and temperature of the body.

Thanks to this interaction, it provides a therapeutic effect and can treat numerous health issues, including heart diseases, schizophrenia, type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, depression, multiple sclerosis, and even some types of cancer at early stages. This makes it a unique solution to many issues which is reached through supporting the balance of the endocannabinoid system. Another important thing is that this interaction does not convey significant threats, unlike many other kinds of medication.

Types and differences of CBD concentrate

As discussed earlier, the concentrate is what the manufacturers receive after removing CBD from the hemp plant that has high CBD and low THC levels. The products are introduced in the following forms:

  • Tincture. This form is made up of oil extracts received from the hemp plant utilizing alcohol or some different solvent. Tinctures tend to obtain a high level of CBD so enthusiasts intake it a sublingual way. The tinctures are one of the most used options for consumption and can be found with different flavours;
  • CBD wax. This is another form of the product. It consists of 99% CBD and is received from the certified hemp plant only. Moreover, it does not include THC in most of the cases. CBD concentrate wax has also proved to be GMO-free and gluten-free. This implies that the consumers will receive a smaller amount of terpenes; consequently, the effects of the product are two times stronger;
  • CBD oil concentrate. This form can be used in a variety of ways and can be helpful for those suffering from different symptoms, such as chronic pain. The manufacturers receive the strongest oil using butane during the extraction process. The product can contain up to 80 percent of cannabinoids, depending on the method. CBD oil is extremely popular among those who are fond of CBD concentrate vape pens;
  • Capsules and pills. Such products also contain pure hemp oil, which is absorbed by the body after being eaten. They are famous for the convenience of consumption and ease of use because there is no need to measure the dose;
  • CBD shatter. It is a kind of isolate, which means that it does not include any other cannabinoids or plant compounds. The texture of the product is hard and shatters easily. This form obtains strong effects as the rest of the concentrates do.

How to use CBD concentrate

There are different forms, so it can be used in various ways. In fact, the method of consuming depends on the product type. CBD concentrate oil, for example, can be used sublingually, added to some cream, lotion or into the bath. It can also be used with the help of vaping pens or consumed with almost any beverage. Consequently, it allows to study the forms to decide which is the most suitable one before they buy it. The key point to consider is that CBD product should be chosen due to the purpose of usage and should be used in the proper dosage.

Benefits of CBD concentrate

According to the reviews of many consumers, using CBD is very beneficial, and the concentrated form is the ideal one. All of them, no matter if it is 1000mg CBD oil concentrate of any other type, obtain the following benefits:

  1. Proven healing effect. The products have been used for several years so far, and the results show that CBD interacts with the human body in the most advantageous way, which leads to its outstanding effects.
  2. Clinically tested formula. Every reputable company has put its formulas through a series of lab tests so that the users could get the best CBD concentrate only.
  3. High CBD concentration. There are many products containing CBD, but it is the concentrate that obtains the highest amount of this compound.
  4. Quick results. Unlike many other medication goods, it provides results within a week, which is fast.
  5. Safe ingredients. It is made from the organic hemp plant and does not usually include any other additives. This means that all the unsafe constituents are removed, and the consumers receive only natural substance without artificial ingredients.
  6. Non-addictive. The manufacturers remove THC with the help of the extraction; consequently, products cannot make people addicted or feel “high”.

Effects of CBD concentrate

Concentrated goods are famous due to their miraculous properties that can treat a wide range of diseases and symptoms such as:

  • Chronic bone and muscle pain. According to the numerous studies and researches, it can successfully relieve pain with very few side effects;
  • Seizures. The compound can be extremely effective when treating seizures. It has also been proved that even low doses are enough for that;
  • schizophrenia. In fact, CBD doesn’t only treat this disease but other forms of psychosis as well;
  • Inflammation. CBD concentrate also obtains anti-inflammatory properties that can bring a lot of health benefits. This is thanks to the interaction of the compound with the endocannabinoid receptors;
  • Cancer. According to the researches, such products are strong enough to prevent cancer cells from spreading to other body parts. This implies that they may slow down the growth of the cells or even kill them.

CBD is also highly efficient in treating other issues such as anxiety, depression, type 1 diabetes, and more. The compound also promotes better sleep and alleviates stress. Moreover, there are many health conditions that can be managed through consuming CBD, and when it comes to the concentrated form – the effects appear much faster.

Side effects of CBD concentrate

There have been many researches to find out if CBD products can cause any severe side effects. During the clinical trials, they look as to how people would feel if they intake high doses every day in the course of two weeks. As a result, the consumers had the following side effects:

  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • tiredness;
  • decreased appetite;
  • changed liver enzymes.

The majority of patients had the mentioned side effects during the first week of consuming CBD concentrate. The dosage was also being increased quickly. As soon as the doses were stabilized, side effects decreased.

Consequently, the consumers who start experiencing the mentioned symptoms during the first week can be sure that they will go away after some time. If the side effects remain after one week, the users should consider lowering the dosage or utilizing a different type of product.

Although it is relatively safe, breastfeeding and pregnant women, as well as children under two years, should avoid consuming it. The reason is that the compound can have a negative effect on the baby, which can cause serious health problems. The consumers should also consult a doctor before using any of the products. The physician is the one to decide whether it is necessary to utilize it as well as what the doses should be.


  • Can I dab too much wax?
    Overdose on too much wax is not possible. It does not matter how high the dose is, side effects will not be that severe. However, consumers can experience dry mouth and drowsiness. Performing vape can be the reason for dry mouth as well, so the consumers are advised to stay hydrated.
  • Is consuming CBD legal?
    The compound has recently been pronounced as a legal substance in many countries worldwide. On the other hand, in some regions, it is forbidden to use it. Consequently, the users should get acquainted with the laws of the place they live before they purchase CBD goods.
  • Where can I buy CBD concentrate products?Currently, it can be bought in specialized shops which can even be found on the Internet. The companies can even deliver the items to your home. It can even be CBD concentrate wholesale. Another important thing is to purchase the products from reputable sellers only to avoid getting low-quality pieces.
  • What is CO2 extraction?
    This method implies that the compounds of the plant are taken out with the help of highly pressurized carbon dioxide. This is one of the best extraction methods because only the low temperature is used. Thanks to it, the final product preserves the beneficial properties of the cannabis plant in a more efficient way.


The manufacturers produce CBD in a variety of forms, but concentrate obtains the highest potency levels among them. The compound itself has a lot of advantageous properties that can help to treat a lot of health issues effectively. Concentrated products tend to bring better improvements that appear much faster. Moreover, consumers need to use lower doses of medication when it is concentrated. At the same time, the substance does not cause any side effects in the majority of the cases. Even if it does, the symptoms decrease as soon as the dosage is stabilized. The consumers can also choose the most convenient method of concentrate intake, as the variety of the product forms makes it possible. These facts make them a perfect solution for people who want to use a natural way of treatment with lower risks.