CBD Essential Oil – Dosage, Effects and User Guide

For the past years cannabis along with its chemical properties has been under extensive research. As a result, scientists have isolated the major substances that obtain medical and psychotropic properties of the hemp plant. Cannabidiol is one of the amazing components known for its incredible effects. It can treat various inflammatory and neurological conditions.

There are different forms of cannabidiol products and CBD essential oil is considered to be the purest one. In this review, we will explain what this oil is as well as describe its benefits, effects and side effects, how it works and what way the consumers can use it.

What is CBD essential oil

Being one of the most natural cannabidiol forms, CBD is produced by numerous manufacturers but all of them come to the same result. According to the original method of extraction, they use alcohol. The plant is soaked in it for some time, after that the hemp plant is removed. Thanks to the following evaporation process, the manufacturers get essential oil from the remaining alcohol.

Nowadays the method of extracting essential CBD with the help of CO2 is one of the most popular ones. Its advantage is the ability to control the pressure and temperature of the extraction. Furthermore, utilizing this method the manufacturers can extract different cannabinoids separately. That is why the level of THC in hemp oil is so low.

How does CBD essential oil work

It interacts with Endocannabinoid system inside the human body. This system is focused on creating a balance within the body which has its own internal cannabinoids. Endocannabinoid system releases and regulates them, and neurological, mental and energetic states depend on it. In case of stress, for example, the system controls internal chemical release. For this reason, they usually consider endocannabinoid system as a kind of subconscious system regulating emotions.

Endocannabinoid system includes CB1 receptors which play a significant role in mental and immune system health, and CB2 receptors that are in peripheral tissues. The substance acts on both receptors which results in the treatment of a wide range of health issues such as depression, pain, autoimmune disorders, inflammation and more.

CBD essential oil medical properties are due to two ingredients – cannabinoids and terpenes. The oil is outstanding as it is concentrated and its effect on the endocannabinoid system is stronger. This means that the consumers will need to take a smaller dosage to treat health issues, and the effect will appear faster.

Moreover, essential CBD includes beta-caryophyllene which acts on CB2 receptors targeting inflammation and pain but unlike other treatments, it can manage diseases in multiple ways.

Right now, there is no maximum dosage for the oil, but there are treatments that imply the intake of up to 1,000 mg daily. The cases are different, though, and the same kind of malady can require smaller or bigger dosage for different people.

The oil can also be taken in several ways. Consequently, consumers should always talk to a doctor and receive a prescription before they start using it for treatment. Although, the product is considered to be relatively safe, people should not forget that it is still medication and should be consumed accurately.

Types and differences of CBD oil

As it was mentioned before, this product is received from the plant with the help of CO2 extraction. Different manufacturers can get different levels of CBD and THC as the outcome of this process. The higher the CBD level, the better. Same cannot be said about THC which is not supposed to go above 0.3%.

Here is the list of several most famous products:

  1. Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused oil. CBD content in this product is 130 mg per 15 ml. This CBD infused oil is multipurpose and includes coconut oil base in addition to the oil. The price for this product is not high which makes it one of the best options.
  2. 4 Corners Cannabis Oral tincture. This one contains 250 mg per 15 ml. This natural extract can be taken to manage depression and anxiety. The essential CBD tincture is to be taken orally which is pleasant as it obtains orange and coconut flavours.
  3. Mana Artisan Botanics Hemp Oil. The consumers can find 300 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle. The oil is infused with coconut and macadamia oils and can be used to reduce the muscle pain, inflammation and arthritis.
  4. Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD oil. CBD makes up 375 mg per 15 ml. Besides CBD essential oil, the product contains sunflower and coconut oils. People who are just starting consuming it, can go for this one as it is a good option.

These are just four products from different manufacturers. As you can see the CBD content varies from product to product. In addition to essential CBD oil, the consumers can find different flavours which can make the consumption more enjoyable. Consequently, it is for the consumers to decide which one is best. They should not forget, though, that the manufacturer must be reliable.

How to use CBD essential oil

CBD is perfect for beauty and health products like soaps, perfumes, candles and cosmetics. It can also be added to some foods. Many consumers warm the oil in an infuser to get aromas. Another possible way of using it is to add several drops into a bath or mix it with some oil and apply it as a massage oil.

If you decide to use the oil, it is important to know that it is concentrated and powerful. Consequently, it should never be applied onto the hair or skin in its pure form. This is what makes it different from the products described above .

Benefits of CBD essential oil

This form of products is one of the most used, and there are several reasons for that. First of all, the essential CBD is concentrated, which means that the amount to be consumed is smaller and the effects are stronger. It also makes it easier for people to intake it at home and measure the exact dosage.

Furthermore, it can be consumed in a variety of ways. For example, people can use a vape pen cartridge which contains the oil. Or they can put several drops into some foods, but the consumers need to check what food they can add it to. The customers can also intake it sublingually or put the CBD infused oil on their skin or hair.

Although it is concentrated, it cannot get people “high” or make them addicted to it. The level of THC is too low to induce this kind of effect.

Another benefit is that it will show up in drug test only if people consume extremely high doses, but this result will be considered as a false positive.

The major advantage of consuming the oil is that it can treat a wide range of different diseases successfully.

Effects of CBD essential oil

All CBD products are famous for their ability to manage many serious maladies. The major effects are:

  • Antiemetic. This implies that CBD oil can reduce vomiting and nausea;
  • Antioxidant. The compound manages neurodegenerative disorders;
  • Anti-inflammatory. Inflammatory disorders can be mitigated with the help of essential CBD;
  • Antipsychotic. The product mediates psychotic diseases;
  • Anxiolytic. This implies that it fights depression and anxiety;
  • Anticonvulsant. CBD essential suppresses seizures so it can treat epilepsy;
  • Antitumoral. This effect is amazing as CBD fights cancer cells and tumour.
  • Thanks to the given above effects, the oil can treat such diseases as:
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • inflammation;
  • bipolar disorder;
  • epilepsy;
  • insomnia;
  • depression;
  • post-traumatic stress disorders;
  • schizophrenia;
  • cancer;
  • chronic pain, and more.

The good part is that it provides less invasive treatment. For example, consumers use CBD oil for essential tremor as an alternative medication. According to research, cannabinoids are able to relax muscles and stop seizures. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system directly, so the effect appears quickly. When people consume oil, the production of endocannabinoids grows, and the healing process is enhanced.

Side effects of CBD essential oil

All the medications we consume to treat health issues might have some side effects, and the same can be said regarding the oil. The researches, though, have not found any cases of toxicity so far. The product is regarded as relatively safe for human health, but the consumers of essential CBD can still suffer from the following side effects:

  • nausea;
  • changes in appetite;
  • drowsiness;
  • vomiting;
  • dry mouth;
  • diarrhoea;
  • anxiety;
  • dizziness;
  • bloating.

In most cases, these symptoms are mild and depend on the dosage. They also tend to resolve after two or four hours. It is necessary, though, to consult a doctor regarding them.

Although the product is allowed for children who are over two years old, the treatment can cause sleepiness, aggravated seizures, irritability and digestive troubles.

According to the researches conducted by scientists, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using marijuana essential oil and other CBD-based products as they can cause negative effects on the baby.

This means that the consumers should always be careful when taking these products as a medication. Although there are always instructions for the products, the doctor is the one to decide the dosage. Every case is unique so the amount to be taken differs as well.


  • Can it treat Alzheimer’s disease?

    The product can help when there is the early stage of the disease and slow down its progression.

  • Is this oil legal?

    CBD products are allowed in the majority of the countries worldwide. Despite that, it is better for the consumers to check the laws of the region they live to avoid possible problems.

  • Is it allowed to put CBD oil in a diffuser?

    The consumers can utilize the oil with the help of a diffuser. The aroma will spread everywhere but people will not get any health benefits from it. This is something that differs this oil from other aromatherapy.

  • Can I intake such oil with coffee?

    In fact, the oil can be consumed with any beverage, and coffee is one of the best options in this case. People can feel a bit drowsy after drinking it, but coffee will balance it.

  • Is overdose possible?

    It is safe to consume CBD in high doses, but we would not advise doing it.

  • What is THC?

    It is one of the compounds of the hemp plant responsible for psychoactive effects.

  • What are terpenes?

    The compounds of the oil which provide the flavour and the scent of the plant.

  • How long does it take the essential oil to start working?

    It depends on the way people consume essential CBD. For example, if they intake it sublingually or inhale it with the help of a vape pen, the effect will appear within a few minutes. These methods are considered to be the fastest because it gets into the bloodstream immediately.


The popularity of CBD products is growing so the manufacturers have developed several forms of this substance. The oil is regarded as one of the best forms of this medication. There are many reasons for it, one of which is the convenience of usage. Even those who never dealt with CBD oil, can manage it. Moreover, it is concentrated and contains more CBD than other forms.

The consumers should also try several manufacturers to find out which oil is best for them. Oil produced by different companies tends to have a slightly different amount of CBD in their products. It would also be wise to purchase the products from reliable companies that have certificates and all the necessary documentation.