CBD Shatter and Terps: Best Products for 2020 + Buyers Guide

In all existing CBD products, concentrates are the most mysterious ones. A concentrate is a purified substance which has the pure CBD. Often, this can be an isolate like powder. But the concentrates come in several forms.

Among the various forms of CBD distillate for sale that exists, there is the CBD shatter which is used in a process known as dabbing.

After the cannabinoid has been extracted and filtered to eliminate other plant compounds, that is when it becomes a shatter, but that is after keeping it far from light and heat. This isolate has the same potency as all other isolates.

What is CBD Shatter?

If you are wondering what is CBD shatter, this is a CBD isolate. It comprises of CBD and no any other substances. The name also came from its texture. It has a hard and brittle feel which shatters when used. And somehow, it is the same as cannabinoid wax but it is easy to tell the difference when using it.

To create it, the experts draw cannabinoids from plants. It is not possible to isolate and collect cannabinoid alone in the beginning. The product drawn has various plant substances and it gets filtered until it is only remaining cannabinoid.

How does CBD Shatter work?

This product is a pure form of cannabinoid oil and it does not have THC.

The product is sold in a white rock form. It is brittle and it is formed by the method of filtration. Upon filtering, it is only cannabinoid isolate that is left behind. Terpenes are then added to form the shatter. And since this product does not have the THC shatter, users will get all cannabinoid health benefits and peace of mind as well.

Also, various medical tests and researches have revealed the healing power of cannabinoid products. And since these products do not possess synthetic chemicals, they are safe alternatives to traditional drugs.

There are several ways of using this product. You may ask yourself “CBD shatter, how to use?”. The ways like dabbing or vaping require using the best quality kitchen scale. This will enable you break the shatter into ten milligrams doses. This in turn enables you to manage and adjust the doses if he/she fails to get the positive results at first.

Cannabinoid possesses antipsychotic effects with an unknown cause. However cannabidiol appears to stop the breaking down of brain chemicals which effects discomfort, mood and mental activity. When that chemical breaking down process is halted and its amount increased in blood, psychotic signs linked to illnesses like schizophrenia are lowered.

This product can even block certain psychoactive effects of THC and it relieves discomfort and anxiety. It does that by initiating the body receptors that are linked to pain, immune system and mood. This makes it ideal for people dealing with physical pain and emotional problems.

Another function that CBD can perform is treating cancer. It is not so toxic like other medications used to tackle this illness and it can help in dealing with the side effects such as vomiting which come after undergoing chemotherapy.

Types and differences of CBD Shatter

There is a great variety of terpenes which get added in the cannabinoid shatter. The flavour and the effects vary depending on that. You may be tempted to pick the one that has a nice flavour but check the shatter prices and whether the terpenes can give you the results you want.

The available CBD terpenes are:

  • Caryophyllene: It has the spicy, bitter aroma that is found in cloves and pepper. It is perfect for health problems such as depression and anxiety. It enhances relaxation and can even lower the powerful effects of some cannabis strains.
  • Limonene: The terpene which exists here is the one found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Its functions include improving absorption on the skin. Basically, it is good for topical treatments.
  • Myrcene: This is an earthy and fruit aroma that exists in things like mangoes, basil and thyme. It is found in plenty in cannabis and it functions include relaxing the muscles, aiding sleep and it even has a sedative effect.
  • Pinene: This is a woodsy and earthy one. It is known to improve the focus and mental clarity without leading to anxiety.
  • Linalool: This one is quite delicate and floral too. It is used because it is capable of minimizing anxiety and it may even improve the sleep quality.

There are many applications of terpenes. There are people who can infuse dry flowers before vaping. There are also those who know how to smoke shatter, these ones will prefer dipping dabs in terpenes to get a strong smoke.

Terpenes can even be included in food, used in aromatherapy diffusers and they may even be put in drinks.

Adding them to cannabis is also popular these days. With every use, a person only requires to use one or two drops of oil.

How to use CBD Shatter

There are several ways of how to use CBD shatter. It can be:

  • Added to drinks or food.
  • Dabbed or vaped.
  • Used as a base to form a cannabinoid oil product.

Dabbing it requires a setup and can give quicker and greater results. At least a person will require the following;

  • Dabber.
  • Torch.
  • Nail.
  • Rig.

But also, all other dabbing items can help a lot. Ensure to research thoroughly about the dabbing process, it can get really hot.

When adding to food, check the temperature before doing so. This is because terpenes benefits can go down if they get heated above one hundred degrees. In cooking with the product, time means a lot.

Ten milligrams is the amount recommended to start with but users must also adhere to the dose instructions on the package. It is also important to consult a cannabis expert. This is the right person to advise on the right dosages and ingestion ways.

Benefits of CBD Shatter

So far, people believe that CBD concentrate wholesale has a number of great benefits. Studies have also shown that it has some good benefits, especially to the people who take small quantities every day.

But most of the benefits are yet to be confirmed. There is so much anecdotal proof on the web regarding cannabinoid benefiting individuals who are suffering from certain conditions. But the researchers are not rushing things. The majority of the studies that have been done involved animal models. This means that the findings might not apply to human beings.

But despite all that, health experts have confirmed that cannabinoid is not harmful to human beings. It is less toxic and can bring positive effects on the human body if they come in contact with the endocannabinoid system. Most people are taking little quantities of the product each day to support their overall wellness.

In the advantages of shatter over the other consuming ways, many users choose the fast inhalation effects. During dabbing, a person inhales the cannabinoid into the lungs. This makes it function on the endocannabinoid system instantly. A few experts’ findings like the outcome of a certain study carried out by Marily Huestis put the vaping bioavailability at fifty six percent. That percentage is higher than the other ways.

Bioavailability implies that inhaled cannabinoid can be more useful than the one taken using other ways. Human bodies are capable of making more use of the product and even use it quickly.

One more benefit is that shatter has a higher life span than all other dabbing concentrates. It is much more stable; it has a molecular design which makes it hard to degrade quickly, keeping it at a good state for long.

Effects of CBD Shatter

The effects that most users have experienced include:

1. Improved sleep

Especially when taken in large quantities, the product is capable of inducing sleep in people suffering from insomnia.

In small doses, the product has been reported to enhance alertness.

2. Anxiety relief

Several researches have proven that the product can be used to get rid of anxiety. An experiment which used magnetic resonance imaging and single photoemission computerized tomography showed that the product has anxiolytic effects on the human brain. These effects can as well be used by people suffering from depression as per another experiment performed on rats. Experts are convinced that the product can also treat other mental related disorders.

3. Treating chemotherapy side effects

Vomiting was one of the symptoms that have been treated using cannabis. A survey revealed that health experts suggested that patients undergoing chemotherapy should use cannabis to tackle its side effects.

4. Minimizing inflammation

There are a good number of reports showing that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects on the mice. The reports also indicate that it can be a perfect treatment for patients suffering from arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive activities. It can even treat sciatic nerve constriction.

Side effects of CBD Shatter

Cannabinoid is completely safe for human consumption but besides knowing how to use shatter, users need to know what side effects they should expect. However they are not that serious. They include:

  • Nausea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • A running stomach
  • Tiredness
  • A change in weight
  • Reduced blood pressure

This product can even affect the enzyme which works with the liver to digest drugs. And since every human being’s body is unique, the side effects encountered in different people might not be the same.

Studies have also shown that this product can make the liver toxic. This study was however not done on human beings but on the mice and they were given a large amount of this product.

And if you are under medications when taking this product, expect more side effects. But it is recommended to consult a health expert first before mixing this product with other drugs. There are some drugs which must never be taken along with cannabinoid product, for instance, drugs for arthritis patients.

Another side effect happens on the cytochromes P450 which is an enzyme that helps in the metabolism of medicine.


What is cannabinoid shatter?

This is a concentrate that has a glass-like look and texture when cold. It is among the purest concentrates that exist.

How is cannabinoid shatter vaped?

Vaping happens when a person ingests the active ingredient of a vapourized substance. The things people must consider when vaping are:

1. Vaping using a dab pen

If you intend to dab it on the go, you must break it into dab-sized chunks. This will prevent any mess and you will never be mistaken for taking marijuana dabs.

2. Vape using CBD dabs for sale rig

Keep the CBD shatter wax in a bowl that has steep walls when breaking it. By doing that, when silver breaks off the product it will not go far.

Why is it better to use cannabinoid concentrated than oil?

This depends on a person’s preference. For instance:

1. Purpose

If you what to treat mild pain, a fast-acting CBD shatter for sale relieve will do. But sublingual tinctures offer a little instant effect. All oral cannabinoid substances have little bioavailability and slow the time of activation.

2. Added things

If you do not want to ingest anything else besides the pure cannabinoid, take concentrates.


This CBD shatter review has described what is CBD shatter and how great it is to vapers and seasoned users that are interested in something that is potent. As a cannabinoid isolate, it has pure cannabinoid that offers people a potent and simple dose. Also, note that you will never encounter the entourage effect with isolates.

If you are an experienced dabber, this product is great. But if you are new to it, you might have a difficult time breaking up smoothly.

Generally, cannabinoid users love a versatile product, especially one that has a whole spectrum of CBD. With that, legal CBD shatter reserves its position in the cannabinoid vape field.